Your Stories

It was really important for me when creating this website to make it not only about my experiences, some good information and to offer support but to create a platform for others to share their journeys. My journey won't be the same as yours, you, reading this may have a completely different path and journey to go down... I wanted to be sure that within this website everyone had something that they could relate to, take comfort in and feel like they are apart of something.  

So this page has been created for you, to share your story, no matter if you are day 5 or 10 years in. If you have something to share, then I want to hear it and I am sure others will too. 

Thank You to all the parents who shared their stories...

Below you will find parents story's, all in different situations, with different children all with additional needs.

Enjoy reading...

Jack wasn’t hitting milestones. It didn’t matter. Babies do things when they are ready. Boys are lazy. Everyone said so.

Everybody but the Health visitor. Nobody really listens to them though, right?


I asked myself this question recently because nobody has ever asked me, and I wondered how many other men are in the same boat?

Being a father, husband, employee or maybe employer if your lucky all come with a certain weight of expectation that your just supposed to 'deal with it', 'man up' or 'be strong' because that's what 'men' do.


well it was a shock for both me and mark when we were told George had fragile X I blamed myself as it’s passed from mother to child I just kept thinking this is my fault.

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I'm Amy, some of you may know me as Aoife's Mam. That's how it works isn't it once you have children, your no longer your own name, your so and so's Mam.  


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