What is SEND?

What is SEND? This is probably the question I get asked the

most by friends, family and acquaintances. SEND actually stands

for special educational needs and disability, but actually means a

lot of different things to everyone. 

To me it means I have been invited into a club, I didn't ask to be in. It's a very special club, that not everyone will understand. It is an ever changing club that has so many different directions, paths and mazes. 

The SEND world is a tough one to describe to be honest, its lovely, beautiful and heartbreaking at times but beyond rewarding.

This world can of course, be a lot less wonderful, a lot more dramatic and chaotic and so easy to loose your way. I lost my way once, twice... ok maybe three times and one thing I discovered whilst lost was this...


I wasn't actually lost.


Confused? yep, scared? yep, Felt out of my depth? yep. 
I felt that I wasn't built to figure this world out, I was winging it when it seemed* everyone had it all figured out. Delilah was fine, unfazed, cracking on, dan and the other kids too and it felt I was watching from the outside in. 


There was many reasons for this but this is what I narrowed it down to. I was scared of the unknown, every time we felt on top of things, something else seem to slip off course. I was suffering with terrible anxiety and I was beating myself up consistently as I wasn't coping as well as others.

There was no reason to though, I am trying my best. I am still winging it, even now... but that doesn't mean I am useless. I have learnt a lot more, opened up more to this world, and learnt we all have reactive lifestyles. We have to react to the here and now as we don't have time to settle into one solid routine. 

So in this section I want to share with you all the things I have discovered, found and have taken comfort in. Lots of information, support and hopefully you won't feel as lost.

Tracey x


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