Where to start in the SEND world

The SEND world is such a difficult world to navigate, especially when you have so many other things going on. There is lot's of different avenue's your expected to explore and come to terms with on your own. My Views on this are simply...

Your Child will ask for nothing.

Yes, you read that right. Your child will ask for none of the equipment you provide them with, the car you apply for, the adaptions made to your home or which school they attend. These choices are made by you because as their parent you want to ensure they get the best out of life as possible. In order to do that you also need to make some very hard decisions, answer lots of difficult questions and put your child first.

In order to get the support you need quite often you will need to apply for benefits such as DLA, carers allowance and this leads on to further help such as applying for a vehicle and blue badge. It can be daunting when applying for such benefits, we know all to well but I have wrote a summary of my experience of each along with some handy tips and links to supporting websites.


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