So, now you're 9...

And now you are 9. Nine whole years of your wonderfully unique and beautiful face. Nine years of your sheer determination. Nine years of your funny sense of humour. Nine years, today.

There is something about reaching birthdays that always fills us with sheer joy and excitement, the look on your face when you see the gifts, balloons and everyone waiting for you. Now we know you have never been shy, you have always loved attention and talking… oh my gosh sooooo much talking… But on these days it is as if you don’t believe it’s all for you. But Delilah, it is all for you.

Everything we do is for you and your brother and sister. Except you will always get more. You will always have us, I will always be at your beck and call to enable to help you eat, move and create an independent life for yourself.

We will be there to ensure you get the best of the best, the support you need and that your hopes are met. We will provide everything you don’t ask for and more to ensure you have a wonderfully fulfilling life. A one they weren’t sure you’d have.

So, it’s been nine years. Nine years of all this crazy, nine years of fighting and nine years of complete and utter winging it. You helped us grow up, you helped us see a new world, you helped us create a new world for our family.

We all love you soo very much, even when you don’t like us, even when you do naughty hand gestures, even when you politely insult us, even when you tell the whole world our secrets, even when you try and get home from school faking an illness, even though you have scared the life out of us… and even when you looked very peed off to be born. (Sorry btw…)

So, Happy birthday Delilah, here’s to a whole new year of determination, beauty, insults and calling dad fat & bald. Love you always, Mam & Dad x

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