Paediatric Neurologist

What is a Consultant Paediatric Neurologist?

Consultant Paediatric Neurologists are specialist clinicians who have expert knowledge and training in the diagnosis and management of neurological disorders affecting children and young people. They care for patients from fetal life to adulthood (16-18 years). They are based in regional ‘tertiary centres’.

A referral to a paediatric neurology centre (tertiary care) will usually be made by a paediatrician (secondary care). You may be referred to a paediatric neurologist for conditions such as:

  • Epilepsy and paroxysmal disorders

  • Neuromuscular disorders

  • Cerebrovascular disease

  • Brain and spinal injury

  • Infections of the brain and spinal cord

  • Brain and spinal tumours

  • Neurogenetic disorders

  • Movement disorders

  • White matter disorders

  • Inborn errors of metabolism

  • …and many others


Some conditions are relatively straightforward for a paediatric neurologist to diagnose and treat. You may see them once or twice and be referred back to your local paediatrician or GP. Other conditions are more complex and the paediatric neurologist will frequently work in close co-operation with other specialists (eg neuroradiologists, geneticists, specialists in metabolic medicine etc) before making a diagnosis and planning treatment. Paediatric neurologists will often co-ordinate care with a ‘multidisciplinary team’ that will very often include specialist nurses, physiotherapists, speech therapists, psychologists and other allied healthcare professionals.