Mobility & Motability 

Our Story

Our experience of applying for motability was relatively

straightforward. As we already had higher rate mobility

component once Delilah turned three it was obvious that

there was a need for a larger vehicle. By this point Delilah

had upgraded her bug wheelchair (looks like a pram but

most certainly as heavy as a wheelchair - trust me my

shins felt it ha!) to an active junior 3 with modular seating

system that was a lot heavier and difficult to manoeuvre as it

didn't fold like your regular wheelchair. 

It is important you take your time when looking for your

car, as you will have it for up to three years. We researched

which cars we liked online first, then took Delilahs wheelchair

along with us to showrooms in order to check measurements etc.

However if the Childs needs do change you can apply to change your vehicle sooner. We had a ford S-max for just over 2 years, it was a great car but became obvious as Delilah was growing we needed a car that meant less lifting and handling as our backs were already beginning to suffer. We made the choice at this point to give up our nice frozen white (chosen by Delilah purely on name basis - the frozen obsession was real) and trade it for a wheelchair accessible vehicle or WAV if you like. 

When you receive your motability car you will not have to tax, insure or pay for any repairs on this vehicle. By taking the choice of a vehicle you do however give up your mobility rates paid to you by DLA as this is now used to pay for the lease on your motability car.

For more information on the mobility component Click Here.

For more information on the Motability scheme please Click Here.

Please remember all information given here is a guide, it is here as a starting block in the hopes you will feel empowered to start your own research and get ahead before reaching crisis point as many of us do. 

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