Home to School Transport 

Our Story

This is the trickiest conversation for me, some people will find popping their children in a taxi each morning super easy but for me it was something I never imagined doing.

Delilah had been in a mainstream school up until September 2019. The mainstream school seemed a good fit for us at the time, they were just around the corner, had good staff as my two older children went there and seemed keen to learn all things Delilah. Also, why shouldn’t she have the opportunity to learn in mainstream? Anyways, long story short we opted to transfer her to another school that had a medical provision attached to it meaning Delilah would benefit from mainstream and special needs school. Absolutely brilliant! Except it was 15 minutes away from our home, along a motorway and I had other kids to get to school, knowing this and that dan was going to be at work terrified me. But, I persevered.

Day 1, fine we enjoyed the drive there and back singing songs (frozen) top of our lungs for all to see and hear at times. This went well for about 2/3 weeks then all of a sudden there was a shift, Delilah had become comfortable and confident in her new school. She wasn’t as excited and pleasant as she was the weeks prior as it was now ‘just school’. Delilah has a ASD diagnosis and at this time meltdowns were coming thick and fast, which meant by the time I got her to school I was knackered. I was falling asleep early on an evening because surprisingly, driving that much daily really takes it out of you! So we opted to start looking into ‘taxi-ing’ Delilah to school and we would pick her up, this way I could still speak to staff, see how she was and how she was coping. 

I will say it clear as day for you all to read… I DID NOT want Delilah to be taxied to school. The idea of her being a passenger in a taxi each morning with people she didn’t know scare the life out of me. What if something awful happened? And I wasn’t there? This was a fear that kept me up at night, even though I had spoke to lots of parents who used the transport service. Then, we met our first taxi driver. He came to our home, introduced himself to us all, told us all about the escort that would be in with Delilah, how she was wonderful with the kids and adored them and how Delilah would be safe. 

That first morning I was a nervous wreck, the taxi pulled up and out came to big smiley faces, and Delilah bonded with them straight away. She left for school, I waited 20 minutes and rang school. “She is fine Mrs Huggins, bright as a button and laughing”. My heart melted and my mind was settled. Delilah has now been taking the taxi to school since that day, she even now comes home via a bigger taxi with a group of her friends. At Christmas they play carols and music and have fun. We have a lovely relationship with the driver and escort and know she is 150% in safe hands. We are certainly grateful for this service now, especially those days when she is in meltdown mode and I don’t have time to drink a cuppa, get dressed to drive her there… I can just head to the taxi in my pjs and hand her over! By the time she gets to the end of the road she is smiling… tinker!

I hope this reassures you, I hope this post empowers you to look into the service and trial it. You don’t have to keep it if it’s not for you, and your child. It can be negotiated and made to work for you. I know not everyone will have the same experience, but for us it just works.


Provision of transport from Home to School for qualifying children with Special Educational Needs or medical difficulties.

Transport is procured, monitored and managed by the Local Authority to provide a high level of standards and safety for the children transported.

SEN Children are eligible for school transport if they are considered to have- 

  • A physical disability that stops them from walking to school.

  • No sense of danger when walking to school.

  • Live more than 2 miles away from their qualifying school named in their EHCP.

  • Also children entitled to home school meals maybe also entitled. 

For more information on school transport please follow the link below.