Family Fund

Our Story

This was the first time EVER we would be applying for help in this form. Dan had always worked and we never needed help or support. Looking back at it now I can see why we struggled with that idea but in fact there was no need to feel fear or shame for asking for help. It is literally why these wonderful charities and organisations are set up.


So we applied for a washer, we met a lovely lady who came to our home to fill out some forms as it was our first time applying. She really reassured us that we weren't the first couple to worry about applying, were anxious about asking for help and felt like for some reason we didn't deserve the support - as if someone else could need it more than us.


In reality, without the help we would never have managed to replace it, dan had given up work due to the amount of strain appointments had taken. A choice he made to support his family, and I supported him on it.

We first heard about family fund when Delilah was a couple of years old. We had been talking to our portage worker at the time about the fact that our washer was on its last legs due to the constant washing of Delilah's clothes, sheets and household extras. Delilahs skin condition means that she is constantly shedding skin, at times our home can look like a sand pit. So as you can imagine our washer, one that we already had for a long time already was really feeling the strain. So, she had expressed maybe we should apply?


The application process took a few weeks, then we were given a code to buy a nice shiny washing machine! We were so grateful for the support and know many people who have also applied. There is no shame, fear, anxiety or guilt to be had when applying for help and support for your family. No matter what anyone says... along as you believe you are doing it to benefit your child and family, you are doing the right thing... trust me. 



Family Fund uses its own Child and Young Person’s Eligibility Criteria to assess a disabled or seriously ill child or young person’s additional support needs based on a social model of disability.

Children and young people with additional support needs arising from a disability or disabling condition or with a serious or life limiting illness meet this criteria where:

  • There is evidence that their additional needs impact on family’s choices and their opportunity to enjoy ordinary life; the degree of planning and support required to meet their needs are much greater than that usually required to meet the needs of children.


  • They require a high level of additional support in three or more of Family Fund’s seven areas of support below.


  • Their condition is long term or life limiting (by long term we mean lasting or likely to last 12 months or more).​​

Family Fund seven areas of support

Your child should require additional support in at least three of the seven areas below:

  • Personal care – we mean things like physical support required with feeding, washing, toileting or moving and transferring child.

  • Access to social activities – we mean things like engaging socially and taking part in activities.

  • Education – we mean the type of support that is given for learning and who gives it?

  • Communication – we mean listening, speaking and understanding.

  • Supervision and Vigilance – we mean supervision and measures in place to ensure a child’s safety.

  • Medical or therapeutic treatment or Condition management - we mean what treatment or therapy is given, who does this, how often and when?

  • Physical environment and Specialist resources - we mean things like physical adaptations and adjustments required with getting around and what specialist equipment or resources are used.

Children and young people do not need a diagnosis to meet Family Fund criteria, but their additional support needs must arise from a disability or disabling condition. 

You must also meet all of our general eligibility criteria.

Who we Help

We help families across the UK who are raising a disabled or seriously ill child or young person aged 17 or under. You can apply to Family Fund if:

  • You live in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales (Please note: If you are a family living in Wales, please visit our Wales application pages to apply.)

  • You are the parent or carer of a disabled or seriously ill child or young person aged 0-17 who lives with you

  • You are currently living in the UK and done so for at least six months, or three months if your child is less than six months old. You are eligible to work and apply for public funds

  • Your child is not in Local Authority care

    You have evidence of entitlement to any one of the following:

  • Universal Credit

  • Child Tax Credit

  • Working Tax Credit

  • Income-based Jobseeker's Allowance

  • Income Related Employment Support Allowance

  • Income Support

  • Housing Benefit

  • Pension Credit.

Your child or young person has a high level of additional support needs arising from a long term disability or disabling condition or a serious or life limiting illness. By long term we mean lasting or likely to last 12 months or more.  Please read our child and young person eligibility criteria.​

You must meet all Family Fund eligibility criteria in order to be considered for a grant.

Grant List Items

There are numerous items that family fund are able to help with for your family, such as -

  • Family trips to Butlin's, Center parc's, Haven caravan sites etc

  • Computers and technology

  • Clothing

  • Recreation and home items

  • Day's Out

  • Kitchen Appliances

  • Sensory toys and equipment

  • Specialist trike or bicycle

  • Outdoor play equipment

  • Garden improvements 

Full list of items can be found Here

And you can find more information overall about Family Fund by pressing the button below.