Disability Team
Social Worker

My View

Before you read on in this section I thought it was very important to mention something here, from my view. We have a disability team social worker, she is wonderful, down to earth and a massive help whenever we have needed her. I know not everyones experience will be the same, but we have had a pleasant one. 

There is a massive, huge stigma around having the support of a social worker, as if you should be ashamed for asking for help. I know what it's like when you express to someone that you have a social worker, the way they twist their face and view you differently. When in reality? There is no shame in asking for help, especially in our circumstances. 

In our cases social workers are there to offer support to you the parents, to help guide you into different services and assure you that you are doing ok. The last thing they want is to you see you struggle, as let's face it... if we go down the whole house can fall down. 

So, don't be ashamed... don't worry about people's opinions, hold your head up high and accept the help that is offered to you. A label is just a label and behind the label is usually someone who genuinely wants to help.

Children with disabilities social work team

The Children with Disabilities (CWD) Social Work Team provides specialist social work support to help families of disabled children. The team works with those children and young people who have a permanent and substantial impairment, typically needing input from a number of agencies on a lifelong basis.

The service provides support through undertaking an assessment of need, and identifying what services will be best able to support the child and their family.

Age range covered by the service


Eligibility Criteria

Children and young people who have a "permanent and substantial" impairment. This means:

  • Those children and young people who will have a lifelong need for service

  • Those children and young people with complex needs, requiring input from a number of agencies

  • Those children and young people who have a life-limiting or life-threatening condition

Referral route - If you feel that your child meets these criteria you can contact Referral and Assessment direct, or you can ask a professional you are involved with to make a referral on your behalf.

0 - 18 Years