Blue Badge

Our Story

We received Delilahs blue badge when she was just under 3 years old. We initially applied for it as it was difficult parking at a time when we were consistently at appointments and trying to get her wheelchair in and out of our car - this was a nightmare! We weren't aware at the time that Delilah was entitled to a blue badge for many reasons, one of which being Delilah had to have a suction machine at hand and be close to the car due to her obsession with scaring the life out of me... which led to lots of dashes to a&e...

Please remember all information given here is a guide, it is here as a starting block in the hopes you will feel empowered to start your own research and get ahead before reaching crisis point as many of us do. 


Blue badge is one of the only applications that incurs a fee. A blue badge costs £10 and is usually valid for up to three years.


As it stands at the time of writing this, the guidelines of  children who are automatically entitled to a blue badge are- 

  • If your child receives the highest rate of mobility component of DLA

  • A child under 3 may also be entitled if they have a medical condition that means they always have to be accompanied by bulky medical equipment - I.e oxygen etc

  • Child under 3 that needs to be kept near a vehicle as they may need emergency medical treatment

  • Children who are at constant significant risk to themselves, other drivers and traffic

  • Unable to walk and over the age of 3 even without mobility component

  • If your child has no sense of danger awareness

As the blue badge eligibility criteria and application process can be a bit of a mine field, I would always recommend contacting your local councils blue badge team in order to get up to date information, support and advice. To find your local council contact details please click the link below.

For more advice and information regarding the Blue Badge Scheme please follow the link below.