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It contains our story, from me in my own words. It has been a hard nine years in this world, like super hard. I remember back then reading through many groups and leaflets, thinking, is this really about to be my life? 
All of the material I was reading was positive, all the people I seemed to meet were all positive and seemed to have it all together. Me? I was drowning, frantically paddling to reach the top again so I could figure out where the hell I was heading.

So, I opted to write a book for those parents like me. I am not a negative person and I don't look for negativity either. I just look for the reality of things... a lot of people tried to sugar coat our situation and that didn't help us I feel. I felt more annoyed more than anything when things didn't pan out as I was told they would.

If you are like me, in a similar situation in a world unknown and feeling a bit lost...

Welcome to the club...

If you would like a comfort read and some reassurance.. you can get my book here...

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